Table ordering system

February 15, 2023

Table ordering system

A restaurant table ordering system is a technology that allows customers to place orders directly from their tables, typically using a device such as a tablet or smartphone. This system typically connects to the restaurant's point of sale (POS) system, allowing the order to be processed and sent to the kitchen for preparation. Some restaurant table ordering systems also allow customers to make payments directly through the device, eliminating the need for a waiter or waitress to bring a check to the table. This type of system can be particularly useful for busy restaurants that want to streamline the ordering and payment process, as well as for customers who prefer to have more control over their dining experience.

Host specialises in ordering systems with a high focus on customer experience and workflow management. Through a web application, your business can offer a QR code table ordering system that gives customers instant access to a visual menu, allowing them to drive their own experience and order on demand. 

One of the biggest concerns we see with businesses who are unsure if QR code table ordering is right for their format is how it will be received by customers. The tendency is to focus on the customer segment who won’t enjoy ordering from their phone however this is simply the minority customer in the modern world of hospitality. With QR code table ordering becoming universal across the globe, the majority of customers not only have used these systems before, but say they prefer to use them. 

If your format has a dine in service which experiences staffing pressure subsequently customers having to wait to be served, then a QR code table order system can be game changing. Your quality hospitality doesn’t need to change, your team can still greet customers, seat them and set their table, however offering the customer the option to order when they’re ready puts them in full control. 

Shifting from a text based paper menu to a visually stimulating digital menu has some high return benefits. Hungry customers get to shop with their eyes and with a photo of each product of your menu, naturally you can expect to see sales lift of up to 20% as customers upsell themselves simply based on feelings (“that looks tasty, I feel like ordering that”). A text menu just doesn’t have the same appeal factor as what a visual menu does. 

QR code table ordering

Integrating a QR code table ordering system into your venue is super easy and starts off with an initial free consultation from a Host team member. They’ll understand your unique business requirements and get your account and menu all built. With automated printing and full control of the system, your QR code table ordering platform can be ready in a number of days meaning you get to gain the benefits early. As the system is web-app, you get full technical support 24/7 with any technical issues resolved quickly. 

To sum up the above, if you’re looking for greater business resilience, reduce wage costs and improve your service operations, then a QR code table ordering system will benefit your operations. Speak with a Host expert for a free consultation and find out how one of these systems could integrate into your unique hospitality business. 

Host is an Auckland based digital order and payment company that provides ordering solutions locally and across New Zealand.

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