Self service kiosk

January 20, 2023

Self service kiosk

A self-service kiosk is a machine that allows customers to place orders, make payments, and perform other tasks without the assistance of a human employee. These kiosks are often found in restaurants, retail stores, and other places where customers may want to quickly and easily complete transactions without waiting in line or interacting with a cashier. Some self-serving kiosks are designed to be used by customers on their own, while others may have a human employee nearby to provide assistance if needed.

Host is a New Zealand based company that specialises in helping hospitality businesses reduce operating expenses through self-ordering kiosk. These systems come in 13” or 23” touch screens for customers to engage with a digital menu, discover new products and order and pay themselves. Although a self service POS is becoming more common across the globe, New Zealand hospitality has its own uniqueness which Host fully intertwines within our digital offering. 

Self service kiosk restaurant

If you’re a restaurant, cafe or fast casual food outlet and looking for opportunities to make operations more efficient, or simply ways to reduce operating costs, then a self service kiosk can work for your format. The key factor to consider is these systems are highly suitable for takeaway customers who want to grab and go. Formats that operate both a takeaway and dine in format can set up a self service lane using the kiosk whilst providing dine in service accordingly. Counter operations are now freed up of one team member who can be used in speeding up service delivery or your staff footprint reduced by one. Goodness Gracious, a longtime partner of Host, has reduced wage costs by 15% across their three venues but most importantly, have been able to operate with greater resilience when staff shortages or unforeseen sicknesses arise. 

How to start your own self ordering kiosk

Getting started with a self-service kiosk is straightforward and you can expect an initial free consultation with a Host team member to understand your unique business requirements. From there, they’ll take you through the setup process, have your account built and integrate to your existing payment gateways. You’ll get a tailored resources pack with information on how to launch a self ordering kiosk, what to expect and how to manage initial customer interactions. Host provide 24/7 customer support so if any technical issues arise, you can expect minimal impact to your operations. 

To sum up the above, if you’re looking for greater business resilience, reduce wage costs and improve your service operations, then levelling up with a self-service kiosk is an asset to seriously consider. Speak with a Host expert for a free consultation and find out how one of these systems could integrate into your unique hospitality business. 

Host is an Auckland based digital order and payment company that provides ordering solutions locally and across New Zealand. Click here to find out more information.

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